IP Transit Features

Fabric provide local IP based transit services all over the world for easy to understand fees. Prices include all Relevant Cross Connect fees

99.999% Uptime

99.999% Uptime

Dual Power, Multipathed and countless instant failover backup plans in place. We dont have enough room to list it all but rest assured that you are in the best hands!

Service Monitoiring

Service Monitoiring

the Fabric IX team monitor all IP-Transit for all users enabling us to proactivly resolve problems and keep you update on planned outages and services upgrades.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

All Colocation services come with 24/7 Australian based support provided by some of the best engineers in the industry, If dollars are a concern, we would love to dial!

Fabric IX IP-Transit

Fabric IX deliver an amazing IP-Transit product that deliverys full local and international routes.

Aussie Transit

$ 0.70 Mbps/Month

European Transit

$ 0.65 Mbps/Month

North American Transit

$ 0.55 Mbps/Month


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Fabric IX was founded in 2018 to provide next generation data delivery.

We specalise in dealing with vendors and agregating services from providers all over the world we are able to compete to get the best prices, best service and most scable connectivity soultions for your home, buisness or enterprise.