Fabric IX

Fabric IX PTY LTD – 1st January 2019

Project Overview

Fabric IX PTY LTD[Trading as “Fabric IX”]  is a subsidiary of Miniport Holdings PTY LTD[Trading as “Miniport”] that was setup to meet the growing communications and network needs of the average Australian be it for Residential or Commercial use.

DAY 1 GOALS – November 2018

  1. Create a concept website with billing, client management and automation built in to a breathtaking, easy to understand front end.
  2. Develop deeply seeded vendor relationships allowing Fabric IX to leverage a wide range of communication technologies.
  3. Create a scalable service provider system technology package which can be sold on both retail and wholesale providers enabling small network service providers to quickly and easily grow without high barriers to entry.
  4. Create a structurally separate entity that can continue to grow and prosper without the reliance on Fabric IX
  5. Create an easy to use global cloud routing platform built on predefined configurations allowing our members to take advantage of international peering networks, Point to Point Ethernet without needing to maintain route equipment in remote and hard to reach locations.


The initial design was to build a software defined carrier grade Layer 2 last mile network that was capable of transmitting data over protected paths around Australia and the World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric IX came from years of seeing the evil side of the Australian Telecommunications industry where innovation and progresses are stifled to increase the profits of a few.

Because we are you. We are sick of the profit mongering and business methods that have hurt every day Australians. Whilst at a glance our products may cost more that is because we refuse to partake in the bullshit "race to the bottom". By pricing our products above the big providers we are able to ensure not only a high quality of service but delivery outstanding support and customer experiences time and time again!

Whilst our networking capacity is global our team like to call Brisbane, Australia home. We believe that Brisbane has one of the strongest networking communities in the world and in the home to some of the worlds most advanced network operators.

Fabric IX was founded in late 2018. Whilst the company is new our team come from a diverse background of pack shifting roles and have deep roots into the Australian and Global ISP communities.

Fabric IX is dedicated to creating a network of global peers who are able to exchange information with anyone, anywhere! We hope to achieve this by launching a 100% neutral and free to use peering network in 2020.

Fabric IX was Founded in 2018 by Beau Harris.

As of May 2019 its management and day to day operations were transferred to Miniport Holdings PTY LTD