How do Fabric affiliates work

All you need to join is to be a Fabric IX customer who wants to share the great news with the world! With 10% of the setup fee and 3% of the recurring invoice, every month Fabric IX offers one of the most competitive affiliate packages within the Australian Telecommunications space. Our support team are always available to help you close that sale and our marketing staff are hard at work developing and designing new content to help you generate more leads!

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Affliates FAQ

Hopefully we can help answer all of your questions!

It is only as good as you are!

Generally, we pay out all affiliate accounts on the 1st Business day of every month however this may be requested sooner if need be

Any balance under $50 AUD will not be able to be withdrawn however can be used as a credit against products on your Fabric IX account.

Payments can be made via Bank Transfers globally as Paypal or Bitcoin payments.

Affiliates are not considered to be Fabric IX staff. Whilst our top affiliates are often granted a number of privileges which are not granted to normal users they are still considered to be members of the public.

We recommend anyone Serious about getting into affiliates register an ABN which will allow you to not only pay tax correctly but also claim money back against a huge range of affiliate related expenses.


It is expected that all affiliates have a working knowledge of consumer NBN products, broudband technologies and are up to date on relevant legislation.

Our team provide you a basic information pack to help you get off the ground but at the end of the day. Honesty and integrity are key. No sale is worth your reputation!

Generally, affiliates are expected to approach people, either online or in real life to inform people about our services.

Our marketing team have a heap of content that can help you on your journey. 
Day 1 affiliates are given a private affiliate link which grants them rights over any sale that someone who uses that link makes.

Upon Payment!

In the beginning, our team will monitor each person you sign up to make sure they are legitimate users! Once Affiliates become more experienced we tend to take a more hands-off approach and only get involved on an as-needed basis. 


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Fabric IX was founded in 2018 to provide next generation data delivery.

We specalise in dealing with vendors and agregating services from providers all over the world we are able to compete to get the best prices, best service and most scable connectivity soultions for your home, buisness or enterprise.